Ines Kaiser

  • Body Psychotherapist
  • Advanced EponaQuestTM Instructor
  • Co-Director of equimotion

After having followed a career in the financial industry, Ines Kaiser rediscovered her passion of working with horses. In 2013 she founded The Grace Approach an initiative for Equine Assisted Consciousness Development. She is tutor and co-leader of equimotion, an Equitherapist Training Institute based in Luxemburg. There, she teaches shadow work and self reflection, therapeutic relationship, projections and boundary setting, relaxation techniques and the work with horses in Equine Facilitated Intervention. She is board member of the Association for Animal Assisted Therapy Luxemburg (AAAT). Currently, she participates in a training course on Somatic Experiencing, an approach of trauma therapy by Peter Levine. Together with 4 other trainers she teaches and designs the course series Psychotherapy and Personal Development with the Horse.


Mylie is a Welsh-Part-Bred mare born in 1995. Through her high sensitivity she shows humans how to recognize subtle boundaries and set them accordingly. Being connected is an important priority for Mylie, since if there is no connection when we work with her, she prefers staying out on the pasture.


Grace is a Quarter Horse mare born in 2009. She is very gentle, patient and delicate. When working with people in a consciousness process, she knows exactly what she is doing and is very precise. Her caring attitude, forgiving presence and her generosity opens many human hearts.


Sue is a Quarter Horse mare born in 2008. She is very clear and direct and does not hesitate to communicate her needs and intentions openly. Sue is a lead mare and people learn about assertiveness and authentic presence when in contact with her.


Sky is a Quarter Horse mare born in 2012. She is one of our “youngsters”, yet she already occasionally participates in personal development processes with humans. She is very confident for her age, has a lot of energy and is very expressive. Through these qualities she reflects very subtly what is happening with her human counterpart.


Bella is a Quarter Horse mare born in 2013 and she is Sky’s little sister. She is at the very beginning of her training; however through her keen interest in people, her good nature and her longing for harmony, she is already showing wonderful qualities.


Centurion is a Lusitano gelding born in 2010. He came to live with us in October 2015 and appears to not have had a very good life until then. Due to an accident he is blind on his right eye. We do not know exactly what the story of his life is. He teaches us a lot about Trauma and the very special needs that arise with it. The direct work with people is still too much for him, but his presence and his story have already touched many who have met him.


Tao is a Lusitano gelding born in 2014. He is our youngest equine herd member and with us since June 2016. He is very sweet, engaging and affectionate, and is appreciated by many.


Maui is a Jack Russell Terrier born in 2014. She always participates and life without her is hard to imagine. She decides herself if and how she gets involved in the Consciousness Work. At times she supports people in their process, and at times she helps the horses. She is affectionate, playful and clever and is a wonderful soul.